Up the hill from the harbour one arrives at the appropriately named Castle Place, which is surrounded by several of the castles of Ardglass. This fine Georgian terrace is one of many improvements made to the town by William Ogilvie.

Set back from the street there is a fine three-storey Georgian style terrace, built around 1820. The development of Castle Place was part of the renaissance of Ardglass triggered by William Ogilvie. Castle Place was the entrance to Ardglass Castle but is also named as from here you can see Margaret's, Jordan's, Cow'd, Horn Castles also! 

Castle Place has buildings of various scales. Margaret's Cottage was the home for the Ballast Officer who looked after the lighthouse. At the entrance to the Golf Club the bay window is all that remains of the gate lodge to Ardglass Castle.

The building adjoining it was the home of the Hamill family. John Hamill was the greenkeeper for the Golf Club and while working on the grounds one day he unearthed the torso of Our Lady of Dunsford, the oldest stone statue of the Madonna and Child!  

For centuries the owners of the Manor of Ardglass were the Earls of Kildare. In 1766 the head of the family, James FitzGerald, became the first Earl of Kildare. In 1790 his son Charles redeveloped the 'New Works' into Ardglass Castle. Due to the long connection to the family the main thoroughfare from Castle Place is Kildare Street.