Above the playing fields is the landmark building first spotted from the Downpatrick Road on the way into Ardglass. It marks the highest point of Ardglass.

This marks the highest point of Ardglass.  Formerly a coastguard watch tower it was converted to a a private residence, despite the fact that it is just one tiny room on top of another. It is now vacant.

 The Tower was built by Aubrey William Beauclerk (1801-1854) for his daughter Isabella who was suffering from Tuberculosis in 1851. On the 19th of October 1867 Isabella married George Palatiano, Le Chevalier Surgeon-Major of Corfu.The Tower consists of two stories. It is 27 feet high and its outside diameter is 18 feet.

In the digging of the foundations for this ornamental tower, it is recorded in the Down Recorder on the 1st of March 1851 that a cinerary urn containing calcined human bones was discovered, the dating of which is in the Bronze Age. This prehistoric burial ground was found on the summit of the conical hill known locally as the 'Ward'. This hill is artificial and there is little doubt that this mound was raised as a monument to an ancient warrior, bard or chief.