A lovely 3 km circular walk around varied eco-systems and beach settings. You can create shorter circular routes too.

Lovely beaches on both sides of the reserve are ideal for a picnic. Set out from the lay-by and follow the signs. Help the wardens by gathering up any rubbish you see, avoiding nesting birds and keep dogs on a leash.

The original 'Cill Ard' or 'High Church' had its name because of its location and was one of several 1,500 year old churches along the coast in Kilclief, Ardtole or St Johns Point - or even St Patrick's original first church in Ireland 5 miles inland at Saul. The Gaelic churches of Lecale Lecale was part of the extraordinary Hiberno-Scottish mission to Northern Europe during the dark ages for nearly 700 years between 563 and 1231, founding hundreds of religious institutions across Europe. Cíll Ard's ruins were finally demolished by the RAF during the Second World War when they were building the radar stations for Bishopscourt Airdrome at nearby Ballyhornan.

Managed by the Department of Environment  - what the DOE say http://www.doeni.gov.uk/niea/protected_areas_home/nature_resintro/nature_reserves_killard.htm

Map of the Reserve(note you can walk all the way round in a circle – the red line on this map only goes halfway  http://www.walkni.com/d/walks/209/Killard_National_Nature_Reserve.pdf

How to get there by canoe http://www.canoeni.com/canoe-trails/south-east-coast/

Circular walk around Killard Nature Reserve with free parking at lay-by at Mill Quarter / Ben Dearg beaches http://www.walkni.com/walks/209/killard-national-nature-reserve/

If you want to get fit you can join the group of volunteers who take turns to count the butterflies on the Nature Reserve weekly – a healthy 3 kilometre walk through 11 separate eco-systems - then contact cadogan@enright.ie for details.