On your way to the Marina car park you can look at the tidal North Dock to your left. Traditionally known as 'Gods Pocket' it offered a refuge for vessels during storms.

The North Dock was planned in the 1840s as a cargo port behind Kimmersport. Eventually the plan was put into action by the landlord Aubrey William Beauclerk and it acted as the Famine Relief project giving employment to local people.

The protection offered by the North Dock during storms gave it the name of 'God's Pocket'. Next to the large warehouses you can see Ardglass' lighthouse. An earlier lighthouse which stood on the South Pier fell victim to a storm in 1838 along with the brand new pier!

Until the erection of this lighthouse a house on the Strangford Road at the head of the bay used to have a light shine from an upstairs window. The tenant of the house received a reduction in his rent for the inconvenience.