Walking down Kildare street you will come to the Presbytarian Church, built in the hay day of Ardglass as a SPA and Bathing Centre. A handy footpath leads you downhill towards the Harbour if you are looking for a shortcut back to The Marina.

A congregation was formed with Rev. Joseph Burns ordained in 1841. Rev. Thomas MacAfee was minister for an amazing 65 years from 1845- 1910. We are still researching more for this page .

Old Newspaper articles from Down Recorder;
the new church built 24 Sep 1842 ; congregation 3 Dec 1842; soiree 12 Nov 1853; soiree 30 Jan 1858; soiree 22 Jan 1859; soiree 30 Jan 1869; Sunday school 27 Aug 1881; annual soiree 24 Mar 1883; social meeting 13 Feb 1915*; helped British Sailors' Society & fisherman 18 Sep 1935*;

SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY AT 10AM. Visitors always welcome.