Lovely coastal walk to St Johns point along the Ulster and Lecale ways. Giving views of Rossglass, Minerstown and Tyrella beaches and the Mournes. Keep your dog on a leash at Minerstown - avoid disturbing the seals

Following the Lecale way South West out of Ardglass, though Killough, and out towards the point, you eventually come to the lighthouse at St John's Point. This was approved by the Port of Dublin (the Ballast Board) in 1839 to improve navigation on the Irish coast, and came into operation in 1844.


You can get there by Road by going South at Rossglass beach,

Head out of Ardglass in a North East Direction and the first two townlands you come to on the right are Sheeplands which run for some miles down the coast to Ballyhornan and then onwards to the nature reserve at Killard.

 St John’s Point Lighthouse

Saint Johns Church and Holy Well

A church dated at least as far back as the 900’s from a time that the local Dál Fiatach Clanns based in Lecale and Downpatrick were engaged in a 250 year war to keep the Vikings out of Lecale (see the history section on this website) see